Virtual Training Has Helped Thousands Of People Break Free From Corporate Jobs And Become Successful Online.  The only platform that provides live interactive training on how to become successful by becoming a super affiliate. 

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Thrive In The Virtual Economy

Live training and hands-on coaching

We do not believe in “self-taught” videos or learning through theory-based courses. 

It is proven that students are more engaged and successful when learning in a live virtual environment, and engaging with mentors in real time.

At – All of our training sessions are done through live virtual sessions. (Zoom Platform). Learn, engage, feel motivated and thrive in the virtual economy.

Online Community –  Learn, ask questions, chat, network, attend live workshops, feel motivated, and achieve your goals. 

Live training sessions: All of our live training sessions are done 3x a week. We also record our sessions.

One-on-one & group coaching to help you achieve your goals. 

We build and launch a 30-day strategic gameplan to help you get started. This is not theory-based program. 

If you are looking to escape 9-5 job, and interested in achieving financial freedom, then read on…


Vic Saini

Co-founder of

Co-Founder of and

Vic left his lucrative career as a Product marketing manager at Google and started his Inbound marketing agency –

He has helped over 1000+ students and business owners become successful by providing hands-on coaching on Inbound marketing framework, funnels, analytics, and technology.

Vic is based out of Seattle, Washington. 


Alex Bryant

Founder of

Founder of 

Alex has over 10+ years of experience in helping businesses grow by leveraging digital transformation model, and technology. 

Alex is based out of San Francisco, CA and loves digital entrepreneurship and the digital nomad life!


Manisha Peddinti

Strategic partnerships & Podcaster

Strategic partnerships & Podcaster 

Manisha is passionate about teaching her students on how to become successful online by forming strategic partnerships and turn their expertise into profits.

Manisha also talks about spiritual topics, mindset, and strategies to go from a career to achieving financial independence.

30-Day Challenge

Are you ready to thrive and learn in a community environment?

Stop paying for expensive masterminds or coaches

Learn with us, and let’s thrive together!

Studies have shown people are more successful and motivated when they learn together and have a full support system.

  • The best way to become successful is by partnering up and making money together.  It is a win-win model.
  • That’s what we do in this group. Every single week, we run meetings, strategies, and make money together. 
  • It is easy to make money online so long you know how to use the right strategies. 
  • Join our growing community, participate, and ask questions in a community environment. 

Strategic Partnerships

Do not have a business idea? Leverage the power of strategic partnership model, and start making money online.

Guide to strategic partnerships

Digital marketing Mastermind

Attract hundreds of qualified leads to your business by using the Inbound marketing 4-step framework, high-converting funnels, automations, and organic + paid strategies. 

Live training workshops

Stop using self-taught marketing courses to learn digital marketing. Every business is different and requires different strategy and approach. Attend live workshops, and learn from the coaches who have scaled their businesses to 7 figures. 

Attend our live virtual training and learn:

  • 4-step Inbound framework
  • Lead generation strategies 2023
  • Organic strategies. (Organic is just as powerful as paid if done right) 
  • Build high-converting funnels, email automations, attract leads and turn them into high-paying customers
  • Facebook organic, ads, and hacks. 
  • YouTube Ads
  • Learn how to get hundreds of leads to your business by empowering them with education.

Become a Successful Digital Nomad

Escape 9-5 job and work from anywhere in the world! 

Thrive in today's digital economy!

Having the right mindset, strategies and access to the experts is the key to success!

Work from home, travel, go on adventures and make money at the same time! Learn secrets and strategies from experts on how to become a successful digital nomad. Live life on your own terms, and create a dream life for yourself. 

What are your goals for this year?

Join our community and get started today!

Our mission

Unlock your potential with Virtual Training…

As a mission-driven organization, we’re relentlessly pursuing our vision of a world where entrepreneurs and visionaries can build a thriving business and reach their true inner potential without obstacles.